Blockchain Forensicsat the Heart of our Services

Our Blockchain Forensic analysis and reports explain how funds have moved over time in easy-to-understand terms. This information can be used by accountants, legal teams and law enforcement to build strong cases.

Blockchain Forensics

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If you are investigating a financial crime, or need help to prove your source of wealth, we can help you track and trace cryptocurrency assets through our blockchain forensics service. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

TheServiceswe offer using Blockchain Forensics

Disclosure Services to support financial or tax positions, divorce, and bankruptcy.

Source of wealth

Forensic Accounting

Divorce / Split Clarity

Historic Timeline

Stolen Cryptocurrency Investigations, Tracing, Tracking, Monitoring & Recovery.

Investment Fraud


Hacked Wallet


Some of theActivitiesused in Blockchain Forensics

We have a team of experienced analysts who are experts in blockchain forensics, technology and financial investigations. We use a variety of tools and techniques to track cryptocurrency assets, including:

Blockchain analysis

The process of inspecting blockchain data to identify patterns and relationships between addresses, transactions, and other entities. It can be used to track the flow of funds, identify suspicious activities, or investigate crimes.

Wallet analysis

Track the flow of funds: Crypto wallet analysis can be used to track the flow of funds between different wallets. This can be used to identify suspicious activity, such as scams, money laundering or terrorist financing.

Transaction analysis

Identify suspicious activity: Crypto transaction analysis can be used to identify suspicious activity, such as large or frequent transactions, or transactions that are associated with known exchanges, criminals or terrorist organizations.

Visual diagramming

Visual diagramming is a powerful tool used to organize and visualize information in an investigation. It can help investigators identify patterns and relationships that might not be apparent from the data alone.

2023 Crypto Crime Trends: Illicit Cryptocurrency Volumes Reach All-Time Highs Amid Surge in Sanctions Designations and Hacking

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