Crypto Law Articles

Donald Trump says his campaign will accept crypto

Facing several criminal cases, the presumptive Republican Party nominee for U.S. President is expected to face off against President Joe Biden in November 2024.

Nancy Pelosi mulls supporting Republican’s FIT21 crypto bill: Report

The former House Speaker is reportedly considering support for the Republican crypto legislation, breaking from ranking Democrats.

Apple disputes monopoly claims, cites 'fierce competition' in court

Apple’s letter to a federal judge previewed its slated dismissal motion to a U.S. antitrust suit, with the firm claiming prosecutors didn’t define where it has a monopoly.

Worldcoin ordered to stop operations in Hong Kong

The PCPD ruled that Worldcoin’s retention of sensitive biometric data for up to 10 years solely for AI model training, including face and iris images, was unjustified.